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Concord Garage Doors

Welcome to Concord Garage Doors; a family owned garage door company.

Here we believe that our customer satisfaction come first, that they are the foundation of our company and also the main reason why our business growing each year.

In Concord Garage Doors we provide a verity of services such as openers, springs, off tracks, new doors, new panels, installations and repairs.

we are going to explain to you our customers more about what we do and how we do it so you can feel more comfortable make the right decision for your house or business, and that exactly how we do it when we come to your home, the most important place for each and every one of us.

Most houses have garage doors, and most likely have a garage door opener install, if not most of you want one, for the simple reason of convenient, comfort, and yes it also helps protecting our houses from invaders, by make sure they cannot open it easy without the right access remote or code, that can also help us if we forgot or lost our key or just want a temporary allow access to someone we know.

Part of Concord Garage Doors services is to make sure you know that information so you know what is compatible and right for you house hold needs.

Garage door openers comes in different horse powers and the most common one is ½ HP, for most residential and some small business, that depends a lot on the size and Wight of your door, and the height effects the length of your opener, now how do we choose the DRIVE of the opener, well that depends on your preference quitter or more resilience, chain or belt, there are more possibilities but those are what the industry mostly use.

After we have all of that information, how do we know which company, and what model to choose, well in Concord Garage Doors we have the two leading and best-selling companies, they are the best Garage door openers manufacture in the industry.

our company will offer different models for different needs and uses for our customer satisfaction, we always have them in stock when we come to our customers, so they can get it done in the same day, for their convenience.

The second thing customer are always asking about is the spring in their garages, and there are more than a few types and also different systems, different sizes, and two of them are most common.

Old garage doors the built from one piece have old systems that you can barely find anymore and take a lot of space when opening them and it is recommend to replace them to the newer system.

Some new garage doors have built in spring, that located inside the system, also less common, and not a lot of companies can and give services in the same day for those springs, and usually require to order them specially for the customer.

The first of two most common ones is, two springs that installed on each side of the garage, or the second option that is one or more springs, that installed on the top of the garage, also very common in commercial garage doors.

In Concord Garage Doors we want all our customer to get a fast and the same day service they need and want, so it won’t interrupt with their day.

when we explain to them about their options, we explain to them about all the pros and cons of each of the spring, and a lot of the time it depends on their current system.

Our technicians in Concord Garage Doors will explain cost and repairs before starting, and also notify on any changes during the job.

The other main thing our customers are always interested in is our garage door installation services, if it’s a new door for a new house, a replacement for an old garage door, or an accident, that someone just hit your garage door, and you need a new one we are there for you.

Concord Garage Doors offer all types and designs of garage doors from a, not insulated door, to a fully insulated one, from the top brands in the market, we will install it as soon as we can, and in the most convenient time for our customers, they get everything they need to make their installation as comfortable as possible.

our technicians offer the customer our full service and they can decide what is the best for their needs.

After we explain on most of the main services there is one that is also very important, and that is that our company provide a 24/7 repair services, and that we make sure all our vehicles are equipped with everything our technicians needs to make a repair on the same days in the same appointment.

Concord Garage Doors want to make sure our customer will get the job done as soon as possible, and still get to choose what is right for them, so we explain to them every step of the work and what they are going to pay, before the job is done.

In Concord Garage Doors we do all type of repairs and installations, and more, some repair do require our customer awareness, such as, off track, broken springs or any other major issues with your garage doors, and if they will try to fix it, or replace it by themselves, they can get their situation worse or even get hurt.

Let our technicians take care of your problems, that is why we are here, our technician has been trained and are experienced.

Concord Garage Doors have everything you need, in the time you need it, with the customer service you except, so you and your family can relax while we do what we are so good at, let us guide you.

our customers and future customers are always welcome to call us for anything else.

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